Spartacus 3 offers the most comprehensive Municipal and County business advocacy services. The combined experience of over 20 years in government operations paired with the unparalleled individual skills of our team offer you focus, leadership and reliability for a successful partnership. We will assess the need, identify a strategy with you, procure the necessary documentation and advocate for your business through legislative and regulatory processes until your objective is accomplished.


Some of the services provided include representation for:


Building and Housing

Construction Permits

Building Violations Work

Parking and Parking Exemptions

Liquor Licenses

Liquor Control Commission

Liquor License Appeal Commission

Administrative Hearings

Municipal Wholesale and Retail Licensing Issues

Cook County Assessor’s Office:

Property Tax Assessment Appeals; Exemptions; Certificates of Error; Appraisals; Real Estate Reclassifications and Incentives

Cook County Board of Review and PTAB


Zoning Changes; Special Uses

TIF Financing Consulting and Applications

Moratorium Lifts

Dry/Wet Precinct Work

Community Outreach

Notifications and Meetings

Local Zoning Boards

Zoning Board of Appeal

Land Use




The Spartacus 3 team is prepared to pro-actively propel your business’ growth. We will identify industry oriented opportunities for you and help you navigate through the cumbersome processes usually overlooked by startups and small businesses.


These services include:


 Grant Application Assistance

 General Liability Business Insurance

 Environmental Studies (EPA)

 Corporate Legal Representation

 Copyrights and Patents.


The members of Spartacus 3 are highly respected individuals with substantive legislative knowledge and access to decision makers at the municipal and county level.


Our understanding of legislative drafting and the administrative policy process results in a full range of options for clients with business, litigation and governmental strategies’ needs.




The Spartacus 3 team excels at every dimension of winning political campaigns and has penned many victories in it’s score card.   Winning a political or government campaign requires a sharp message. It also requires a sharp field and targeting plan, rapid response, political outreach, press strategy and direct voter contact, all  executed without mistakes. Your path to victory starts with us.


We offer:


Media Services:

Media Buys

Media Consulting

Social Share


User Experience Graphics for Websites and Social Media

Printed Graphics

Bulk Mailing Services

Election Law and Operations:

Nominating Petitions

Signature Verification

Petition Challenges

Board of Election Hearings

Campaign Financial Disclosure


Advocate Party Endorsement

Party Resources

Campaign Management (Campaign Structure and Organization)

Field Operation Expertise

Political Campaigns:





State Senate and House


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